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Free Prosecco every Friday, luxe facilities, free drink bottles and shower towels, post-workout shakes, and a tonne of events - 1R is not just a gym. It's a full fitness experience. To get a feel for what we are all about, we suggest a Rebuild class which is 75% of the intensity of a regular Reshape session, or try a slower-paced Reformer class.


We suggest kickstarting your relationship with us by purchasing a First Timer package so you can enjoy your first three sessions for $35. Not sure where to go from there? Email our Membership team to help you. You can reach them at


Three sessions for $35.

Our Top Tips

To make the most of your time with us, head to the app store, search 1R - King of Gyms, and download our app. From there, you're ready to book into all your sessions.

Make sure you show up 15min before your first class to check in. This gives you time to check out the space, plus all trainers run a compulsory induction that starts 5min before every class so you can feel confident in the room.  If you miss this, you may be asked to join the next class for safety reasons.           All our classes feature colored lights, music that is timed to the intensity of the workout you are doing, and trainers who are there to support you and make you feel welcome. Once you try us, we reckon you'll be hooked.        


In Reshape you can expect quick rounds of treadmill sessions, dynamic weight sequences, and a whole lot of endorphins.

Want to ease in? Hit up Rebuild - a more gentle Reshape designed to get you moving before you dial it up. Expect more rest, and more focus on your running technique. It's perfect for your first time. 


Reformer Pilates in a way that you have never experienced. Two 45-minute class types so you can slow it down, or pump up the intensity. In Reformer you can expect slower transitions and more time to nail your positions. You’ll hold, pulse and hold again. In Reformer PLUS+ we work to the beat of epic tracks with fast-paced transitions, in a high-powered sweat session.


In Reps, we work in 4 week blocks to help you to build strength. In the class you'll swap between barbells for strength moves including deadlifts and squats, and the floor for conditioning rounds using dumbbells and dead balls. On weekends we'll host Rebel Lifting Club sessions where you'll work through 45-minute workout challenges in groups to push your limits, and build community. It'll get your heart racing and the payoff will leave you feeling great.

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